What is an Aborted match?

Aborted matches are games in which a player is not able to finish their match due to outside circumstances. When a player crashes or disconnects from a match, the match is considered to be incomplete and the status is marked as "Aborted." The opposing player is automatically awarded with winning the match and any corresponding prizes.

Aborted/crashed matches can happen for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:

- When the game is put in the background in the middle of the gameplay while you answer a call/message

- If the game was paused for a long period of time

- If your device gets disconnected from the internet in the middle of a game


To help avoid aborted/crashed matches, we recommend the following tips:

- Try force closing the app and restarting it. Oftentimes, this simple action clears things up.

- Make sure you are playing from a stable data connection or (even better) a strong WiFi signal.

- If you have a computer or other devices in your home, make sure there is no additional streaming or downloading happening on your network.

- Close as many background apps on your device as possible in order to conserve its resources.

- Make sure your device has a strong battery charge, as a weak charge can limit performance.

- To ensure that your score is recorded by our system, wait until you are taken from the game to Skillz’s Match Results screen before turning off your device or exiting the app. This may involve tapping the screen to confirm your score, even after gameplay has concluded.

- Older devices may have more performance issues than newer ones. Checking to be sure your device hasn't missed an operating system update can be helpful. If you have multiple devices, we recommend playing Skillz games on the newest device available.

- Make sure you have an up-to-date version of the game installed. You can find the latest version through the Skillz website at https://games.skillz.com

- Try uninstalling and reinstalling the game app. You will need to log back into your account after reinstalling, so make sure you have a saved email address and password associated with your account.

Please feel free to send in an email to support@skillz.com for any help needed on an Aborted match -- we are always happy to be of assistance. Please view this FAQ article to locate the Match ID of the match you're writing in about to help assist our support team: What do I do if my game crashes?