How do withdrawals work? Will I receive my withdrawal via check or online?

When you deposit and play for cash, you can withdraw your balance at any time by tapping Withdraw on the main menu. Any withdrawals up to the amount of your total deposits will be processed using the same form of payment as your deposit, either PayPal or credit card, in order of oldest to newest deposits made. Winnings exceeding your total deposit amount will be sent via paper check if you’re in the US, or PayPal if you are playing from another country.

For example, if you live in the US and you deposited $10 with a credit card, then later withdrew $20, we would refund $10 to your card and send you a $10 check in the mail. If you live in another country and deposited $10 via PayPal, then later withdrew $20, we would send $20 to your PayPal account balance.

We tell our players to expect their withdrawals in 4-6 weeks, but in many cases we are able to process them much more quickly. We manually process each withdrawal to ensure safety and security, which is why it may take some time. We're always working to expedite the withdrawal process!

Bonus cash cannot be withdrawn, and is forfeited when you make a withdrawal. For every $1.00 that you pay in entry fees, $0.10 of bonus cash will be used for entry. So if you play a match with a $3.00 entry fee, $2.70 will be real cash, and $0.30 will be bonus cash.

While a withdrawal is pending, you may not deposit additional funds, but you can cancel your pending withdrawal and use those funds to play. If you wish to cancel your withdrawal for any reason, you may do so from the Withdraw menu, the same place where you requested it initially. We can cancel the withdrawal on your behalf if you prefer, just send us a message with your User ID number and the amount and date of the withdrawal request you'd like to cancel.

Finally, please also note that there is a $1.50 charge for any withdrawals under $10.


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