What is the Skillz VIP program?

What is the Skillz VIP program?

The Skillz VIP Program is an exclusive program that only the most devoted Skillz players can enter.

In order to become a Skillz VIP, you need to achieve Black Tier,  which is the uppermost Ticketz tier at Skillz. For every match you play, the Ticketz prize value shown under the entry will be multiplied by 6x even if you don’t win that particular match. 

How can you become a Skillz VIP?

Players can reach Black Tier by earning 800,000 Ticketz in a one-month timeframe. This is tracked in-game, and if you are at risk of losing your Black Tier status during any given month, you will receive an email alerting you of how many Ticketz you need to earn before the end of the month to keep your Black Tier status. 

In order to maintain your Black Tier status, you will need to earn the 800,000 ticketz needed to do so month over month.  All tickets earned from head-to-head matches, regardless of tier, contribute towards the total number of Ticketz you need to earn each month.


What are the other benefits? 

On top of the multiplier in-game, there are also a number of additional perks included for being a VIP Black Tier member!

  • Expedited Withdrawals Times - Our Black Tier members can enjoy a 10 business day turnaround time on their withdrawals instead of the standard 4-6 week timeframe*.
  • White glove support - Black Tier members are have access to a dedicated VIP Concierge team that is ready and willing to answer all of your questions regarding your account or a match played!

*Terms and conditions apply regardless of your earned tier. Please review section 8.5 of the Skillz User Terms and Conditions of Service for more information.

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